Automatic wire feeding laser welding machine

Product Introduction:
The main problem solved by the Aohua laser automatic wire feeding welding machine: the welding seam is too large in the long-term welding process, and the welding wire speed is slow. This machine has high welding efficiency, good effect and simple operation.
Product Application:

        Products are widely used in the automobile industry, and the hardware industry can be welded with automatic wire welding machines.

Automobile brake pad welding

automatic wire feeding welding machine

Product Advantages:

        Aohua laser automatic wire feeding laser welding machine mainly solves: the welding seam is too large and the welding wire speed is slow during the long welding process.

       The latest design allows the welding wire to be actively provided by the automatic welding wire feeder. The working table of the automatic laser welding machine is used for high-precision welding of the laser frequency. The pulse width during the welding process, the working table speed and the moving direction all play a vital role.

        High-energy and high-density laser pulses can make welding smoother. The width of the weld is small, the heat is large, and the area affected by the heat is small, and precision welding can be performed.

The above points are not achieved by traditional crafts.

        On the basis of guaranteeing technological innovation, Aohua Laser has improved work efficiency to a greater extent, with good results, and is suitable for flat welding, as well as linear and arc welding of various materials.

Technical Parameter:

      For more technical parameter information, please consult online.

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