Laser shielding wire cutting machine

Product Introduction:
Laser profile is an efficient micromachining process;Non-contact laser laser wire, without damaging the question and core wire; Precise positioning, you can edit the position of the wire arbitrarily to achieve precise positioning.
Product Application:

The equipment is used in medical equipment, aerospace, automobile, computer cable and mobile phone cable (HDMI cable, Lightning data cable, Micro data cable, USB3.1Type-c) and other aluminum foil and coaxial Mylar laser.

laser cutting machine

Product Advantages:

Product description:

1. Laser profile is an efficient micromachining process;

2. Non-contact laser laser wire, without damaging the question and core wire;

3. Precise positioning, you can edit the position of the wire arbitrarily to achieve precise positioning;

4. The equipment system is specially designed and developed for front-line operators, simple, easy to understand and easy to operate;

5. High efficiency, fast speed, yield rate of 99.99%, suitable for mass wire processing and production;

6. The equipment has a compact structure, one-button start, simple maintenance, and no consumables;

7. The laser has a service life of up to 100,000 hours and stable performance.


1. Single/multiple can be processed:

① After processing the wire, after the parameters are set, there is no need to adjust it;

② Compared with ordinary laser engraving machine, it has faster speed and higher processing efficiency;

③ With special tooling, the equipment can process multiple wires at one time;

2. Higher quality, high pass rate:

① The thinking machine adopts 360-degree irradiation, which can completely cut off the shielding layer;

② The equipment does not damage the insulating layer and can achieve high accuracy;

③ Processing and production can be carried out by directly setting parameters according to the OD of the wire, and the operation is simple.

3. Compact structure and simple maintenance:

① Small desktop structure (width 280mm x height 500mm x length 750mm);

② The processing area and optical components are completely open, and the processing is flexible and easy to operate;

③ The optical lens does not require daily cleaning and maintenance, and the equipment is maintenance-free and has no consumables;

4. Special equipment, simple operation:

① Customized according to customer needs, can be used independently or with assembly line

② Special specifications can be put into mass production after purchase.

Technical Parameter:
IndexParameter name 
Laser parameter Average output power20W x 2(Continuous or pulse)

Laser wavelength 

Fiber laser Domestic/imported 

Laser method 
Four-way splitting

Power adjustment range10-100%

Repeat frequency 20-100KHz

Beam quality 
Profile performanceSection line depth≤0.4mm

Table positioning accuracy±0.02mm

Maximum straight cutting speed4000mm/s

Move method Servo motion platform or precision stepping motion platform

Control system PLC plus touch screen

Laser power supplyAohua dictatorship
Physical characteristicsPower consumption of the whole machine≤1.2KW

Electricity demand 220V±10%/50Hz/5A

Cooling method Air cooling 

Laser lifetime>100000h

Use environmentClean and dust-free, no seismic source

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