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In 1991, Aohua R&D specialists developed the first laser marking machine in China at a research institute in China’s National Defense.

In 1997, Aohua technical experts researched and developed China’s first dedicated laser punch for circuit boards in a Sino-Japan cooperative research institution, which was widely adopted by Japan’s MECTEK Corporation.

In 2002, Aohua R&D team developed a world-class portable microcomputer laser marking machine.

In 2003, Aohua R&D experts and German scientists jointly developed a laser spot welding machine, using L-C forming network and unique double-closed-loop precision control technology, which was synchronized with world technology and became the leader in laser welding industry.

In March 2006, Aohua R&D team successfully developed the fourth generation of the world-leading mold laser welding machine, which was highly praised by Aohua global clients, especially Japanese clients. 

In November 2006, in order to meet the requirements of the Japanese laser marking market, Aohua R&D department carried out a comprehensive technical innovation of laser marking equipment, and finally made a comprehensive move on laser marking technology, including software hardware and the control system.

In December 2006, Aohua launched the automatic medicine pill laser marking system.

In January 2007, Aohua Laser successfully cooperated with German company who is dedicated to fiber laser marking system. 

In March 2007, Aohua successfully represented the American Laser Corporation’s semiconductor end-face air-cooling laser system and entered the mobile phone key market with the best cost performance.

In 2008, Aohua R&D team successfully developed a fully automatic keyboard welding machine and a silicon steel plate automatic welding machine.

In 2009, Aohua R&D experts developed a cantilever laser mold welding machine for large molds.

In 2009, Aohua R&D experts developed the laser power source for laser welding machine.

In 2009, Aohua R&D department successfully launched the laser chiller, and the test application performance is very stable.

In 2010, Aohua AHL-A2008 laser welding machine got verified of CE certification.

In 2011, Aohua R&D group launched a laser welding machine specially designed for the advertising industry, and obtained a patent.

In 2013, Aohua R&D specialists successfully launched the third-generation welding machine.

In 2014, Aohua R&D department launched ceramic laser cutting machines.

In 2014, Aohua successfully launched a silver paste laser etching machine.

In 2015, Aohua R&D group successfully launched a high-end mobile phone antenna cutting laser machine.

In 2016, Aohua R&D experts launched a laser welding machine for new-energy batteries.

In 2017, Aohua R&D experts successfully launched laser cleaning machines.

In 2018, Aohua launched a laser high-speed precision pipe cutting machine.

In 2019, Aohua laser R&D department successfully launched a laser handheld fiber continuous laser welding machine.

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